Foam flows from a supply line from the ceiling Foam flows from a supply line from the ceiling Foam flows from a supply line from the ceiling


Highly effective for special fire loads

The basic principle
of the foam extinguishing system

  • The extinguishing foam is a mixture of water, foaming agent and air.
  • The mixing ratio of these three contents is adapted to the object to be protected.
  • The choice of the right type of foam (low expansion foam, medium expansion foam, low expansion foam) is determined by the particular application.
  • In the event of a fire, a closed, temperature-resistant foam blanket is laid over the source of the fire. The foam blanket prevents the fire from spreading and smothers the fire.
  • This system is used when water or other extinguishing systems cannot achieve the desired effect.

What are the advantages
of foam extinguishing systems

  • Fires are detected, localized, reported and fought by foam extinguishing systems already during their formation phase.
  • The cooling effect and the separating effect achieve rapid fire fighting. Foam extinguishing systems thus minimize property damage and protect lives.
  • A wide variety of foam variants are available for effective firefighting for every need.
  • The application is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


Low expansion foam

Low expansion foam is a wet foam with which good throwing distances can be achieved. It is mainly used for fires involving solids or liquids (fire classes A and B). The most important effects contributing to firefighting here are the cooling effect and the separating effect, as low expansion foam adheres to surfaces.

Medium expansion foam

Medium expansion foam is already considerably lighter than low expansion foam and can be piled up to five meters high. Its adhesion to surfaces is reduced, so that medium expansion foam is used for flooding objects. Medium expansion foam achieves its extinguishing effect mainly through the separating effect and, to a lesser extent, through the cooling effect.

Lightweight foam

Light foam is already distributed by light wind. For this reason, lightweight foam is not thrown, but is only used in enclosed spaces. Under the influence of heat, the foam quickly decomposes into very fine water droplets. This results in an increased cooling effect as an extinguishing effect. In contrast to medium and low expansion foam, a special generator is required to produce low expansion foam.

Locations for foam extinguishing systems

  • Power plants and refineries
  • Chemical industry
  • Waste incineration plants
  • Aircraft maintenance hangars

Fire risks differ situationally, also from industry to industry. The special requirements for the fire protection concept are recorded by our experts and transferred into your customized fire protection.

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