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The first firefighting on site by employees or firefighters

The basic principle
of hydrant technology

  • Hydrants that can be connected to the sprinkler system are almost always subject to the requirements of the authorities or the fire department. This means that the water supply must be considered accordingly (larger sprinkler tank - more pump capacity and other pipe diameters).
  • In agreement with the authorities, hydrants can be connected to a separate ring main specially designed for them and the fire hose reels. These lines can be laid by means of piping around the building or by means of a steel loop inside the building.
  • The hose reels are available in various designs and sizes, as well as different lengths from 20 m to 70 m per hose reel. When the hose reels are connected to the sprinkler system, the pressure must be reduced via pressure reducing valves.



What are the advantages
of hydrants

  • Hydrants are ready for use very quickly.
  • One has access to a more or less unlimited amount of water.
  • They are easy to operate even for laymen.
  • Class A fires can be fought quickly and easily.
  • Few personnel are required for the extinguishing operation.
  • The extinguishing system can be individually adapted to customer requirements indoors and outdoors.
  • In the event of fire, excellent personal protection is guaranteed.

Locations for hydrants

  • Public buildings
  • On escape routes such as staircases
  • Hospitals
  • Cinemas and theaters
  • Department stores
  • Schools
  • Underground garages and parking houses
  • Industrial plants

Fire risks differ situationally, also from industry to industry. The special requirements for the fire protection concept are recorded by our experts and transferred into your customized fire protection.

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