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Highly effective against fires with gaseous extinguishing agent

The basic principle
of the gas extinguishing system

  • The extinguishing gas extinguishes through oxygen displacement, heat extraction (physical effect) or chemical effects.
  • Gas extinguishing systems are used when the extinguishing agents water, foam or powder are not effective.
  • Different extinguishing gases are available. The location and the objects to be protected determine the selection of the different extinguishing gases.
  • Activation takes place via electrical or mechanical triggering mechanisms.
  • For personal protection, the extinguishing gas only flows into the protected areas via the extinguishing nozzles after a predefined delay time.

What are the advantages
of the system gas extinguishing system

  • Residue-free extinguishing without affecting the objects to be protected.
  • The extinguishing agents are electrically non-conductive and thus also very well suited for the protection of live equipment.
  • After use, the object is quickly and cost-effectively ready for operation again.
  • Due to their high flexibility, gas extinguishing systems can also be used for reconstruction and expansion measures.
  • An excellent extinguishing effect is achieved especially in high-risk areas.

Which extinguishing agent gases
can be used

  • Carbon dioxide (CO2)
  • Inert gas extinguishing system: Argon - IG-01
  • Inert gas extinguishing system: Nitrogen - IG - 100
  • Chemical extinguishing agents

Areas of application for gas extinguishing systems

depending on the gas product

  • archives, libraries
  • EDP systems, computer centers, server rooms
  • Industrial facilities such as laboratories, machine tools or robot facilities
  • Medical facilities such as operating rooms
  • Switch rooms or low voltage rooms
  • Emergency call centers
  • Hazardous materials storage
  • Engine rooms of ships, military vehicles

Fire risks differ situationally, also from industry to industry. The special requirements for the fire protection concept are recorded by our experts and transferred into your customized fire protection.

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