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Integrity and transparency are as important to ABBS companies as the trust of their employees, customers, suppliers, partners and all stakeholders of the company. That is why ABBS has a modern compliance management system.

Principles of conduct for ABBS employees

Responsible and lawful conduct is one of the basic prerequisites for our corporate success.

The Code of Conduct for Employees represents our own aspiration to live up to the values and principles set out therein, and at the same time signals to the outside world responsible behavior toward our business partners, customers and employees.


Whistleblower system

Our whistleblower system offers all employees, business partners, suppliers and their employees as well as customers and other third parties with a professional context a protected anonymous communication channel.

Group employees, business partners, customers and other third parties can use the Fire Holding Group's whistleblower system around the clock to report serious violations of rules and laws anonymously.



Tested and confirmed standards for your safety!